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February 14, 20120: Want Some Money? Check Out My Newest Site:

January 26, 2012: My New Tea Site Launches: Lipstick Mystic Tea

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November 18, 2011: Order Your Own Tea Leaf Reading for Yourself or a Friend from Jennifer Shepherd

November 12, 2011:My Firsthand Accounts of College Assaults and Police Cover-ups

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August 15, 2011: A Cicada and Teddy the Cat

August 12, 2011: My New Website Header Images Site Launches -

August 9, 2011: A Rare Butterfly Trifecta - Plus Cheesy Cutlet Cat.

August 5, 2011: Mercury Retrograde Journal - Part Two

August 4, 2011: Every Day is Take Your Cat to Work Day

July 27, 2011: Mercury Retrograde Journal

July 25, 2011: Mercury Retrograde Sucks

July 21, 2011: A New Particle is Discovered by a Super Smart Physicist Type

July 17, 2011: Finding a Strange Creature from Another Dimension in My Garden

July 10, 2011: Butterfly Procrastination Episode

July 1, 2011: Things Found at the Bottom of My Purse

June 29, 2011: Ceiling Cat Doesn't Think Much of Your Philosophy (Urgent updates added on July 13, 2011)

June 21, 2011: Some Explanations, Alibis, and Excuses for My Long Absence

June 17, 2011: Louis Ferreira, Where Have You Been All My Life? - A Tribute to Stargate Universe

June 11, 2011: My New Art Site - - My new anarchist, surreal, wacky art site launches. Art Without Reason - beware the weirdness!

May 27, 2011: Butterfly Funeral - My encounter with the most wonderful butterfly ever, plus irises!

May 7, 2011: Welcome to Jennifer Shepherd's New Site - Want some cookies? I've got them for you here.

Welcome to Jennifer Shepherd .com

Welcome to! How did you get here, anyway? Did you hitch a ride on the back of an errant asteroid and crash land, dazed and bewildered? Did you fall asleep in a fairy circle and wake up 1000 years later ? Here, let's dust you off and get you settled. Don't panic. You are in a safe place. Well, pretty safe - that is, if you enjoy contrarian, politically incorrect rants and raves about everything from pop culture to holistic health to publishing and online marketing. Throw in some cats, some art, some psychic experiences and astrological tidbits and you should be all set.

This is the page you should bookmark and return to because here I'll be listing all my newest posts, book news, and rants and other desperate pleas for attention. If you want to be updated by rss feed each time a new article is posted, hit the "Subscribe" button at the right to use your favorite feed reader. You can also subscribe to my free newsletter. I promise not to torture you with spam - I'll just let you know when I have a new book, free report, or art package out. You get juicy subscriber discounts on all the stuff I'm publishing if you're on my newsletter list. Plus you're automatically entitled to my positive mojo. (The mojo is free.)

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My Latest Books and Art

I've just launched a huge new 21 lesson self-study course designed to help you take basic techniques like affirmations, visualization, and self-healing to a whole new level. Specifically, this course focuses on MONEY! It's called The Money Materialization Course. Unlock negative tribal programming, societal conditioning, vows of poverty and more which could be preventing you from experiencing positive financial flow. Read more about it at my new site about affirmations:

New Website Header Graphics Packages - Make Your Site Pretty!

If you have your own website or blog, it might be time to pretty up your website. At my new site, Header Graphic Garden, I'm selling two graphics packages perfect for making your sites more visually powerful.

I have 100 Business, Futuristic and Technology Website Header Images. These header graphics have a sleek, modern feel to them, perfect for business, financial, and news sites, or sites with a more "manly" style.

And I'm also selling 100 Elegant, Fancy, and Sophisticated Website Header Images. These are luxurious designs, and many of them have a hint of ancient Egypt or gorgeous tapestries or fabrics to them.

Let these gorgeous header images add some zap and sparkle to your website!


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