Mercury Retrograde Journal

I thought I'd keep a journal throughout this Mercury retrograde period about stuff that happens - both in my own life and in the lives of others - so you can see some concrete examples of issues and situations that tend to crop up during Mercury retrograde times. It's always helpful to look at practical examples of retrograde's effects.

In my last article about Mercury retrograde I was pretty grumpy about Mercury retrograde, so I suppose I should briefly step into my Glinda the Good Witch personality, wave my pink magic wand, and say, "Mercury retrograde doesn't have to be negative! It's a marvelous time for catching up with old friends, staging reunions, returning to old, unfinished projects, and re-examining situations and relationships from the past to see if you want to bring them forward into the future!"

Because that IS a more positive spin on Mercury retrograde. But, damn it, I can only do Billie Burke's helium-inspired baby doll voice for so long.

So it's back to my grumpy voice.

Throughout this Mercury storm period (which we're in now) and the actual retrograde time (through August 26th) and also through the storm period after that (through August 31st) I'm going to keep ongoing notes here about how this particular retrograde time is manifesting. Hopefully, by looking at these notes, you can get a better sense of what retrograde times do, so you can better understand the typical effects of retrograde.

Here are some things that have already happened in my life (since I posted my Mercury retrograde article the other day.)

1) Animals are getting loose and showing up where they shouldn't be. Once in a great while some of the horses here on the farm decide to jump over a fence or push through an already-weakened piece of wooden fence and make a great escape. Although to call it a "great escape" is a bit of an exaggeration, since all they do is joyfully romp around for about five minutes, visit some of the other horses, neigh a lot in excitement, and then they are back to eating grass just OUTSIDE the fenced in area where they normally live. So you grab a bucket of grain and a lead and walk them back to where they should be, prop up the fence, and that's that. It's actually bizarre that they don't jump the fences more often, since the fences aren't that high. And wouldn't you know it - there's always more of this happening during Mercury retrograde than any other times.

Also, a friend of ours who has alpacas was notified by a neighbor that his alpacas had gotten out - they had also suddenly decided to ignore their fences and make a run for it. They didn't wander far, but our friend had to leave work to go home and fix a fence rail or two and wrangle his alpacas. Helpful Mercury retrograde tip: During retrograde times, domesticated animals tend to end up where they shouldn't, testing things like electronic fences or physical enclosures, so it's good to make sure that such systems are secure as you head into retrograde. (We have about 80 acres of fence here so there is always a section that's vulnerable.)

Also, wild animals will sometimes get trapped somewhere where they shouldn't be. For instance, it's usually during Mercury retrograde that I've had birds get trapped inside the house or the office. Or a bizarre insect like a strange mantid will suddenly appear in our kitchen - seemingly materializing out of nowhere. Or a mouse will come inside and find that he's in for a world of terror as my curious cat, Smoky, decides it makes the perfect play toy. I keep a special box on hand which is great for catching mice and insects - and with birds, I've learned how to become the "bird whisperer" and gently catch them and take them outside. Their bones are so delicate, you have to be incredibly careful as you hold them.

2) Projects and people from the past tend to get back in touch with you or reconnect with you. I've had two different incidents of old, unfinished projects resurfacing. One person got in touch with me who would make an excellent interview subject on my site, which served as a reminder that I really have to redo that site soon so I can start posting hot new material again. And another person asked for help with a specific metaphysical problem that I've spent years learning about and figuring out how to fix, plus I've collected years of information and experiences from people all over the world with this same problem. And it's a reminder that those 300 pages of notes I've collected for a future book about that subject really DO need to get organized and published at some point because very real people from all over the place are still trying to deal with this problem, and there are no researchers, healers, or writers who have written about this topic. But -- you know, no pressure!

3) Technical problems you've been putting off tend to REALLY NEED TO GET FIXED during Mercury retrograde. My old computer has gotten very slow since I started working so much with Photoshop, and I've loaded up my memory with so many huge images. Today it finally slowed to a stop and basically said, "You need to free up more memory or I'm going to quit." So I've been moving data to external drives to free up space on my computer. Retrograde times are great times for optimizing all forms of mechnical and technological tools. And sometimes, they will pretty much freeze up and say, "Deal with this or else!" The good news? My computer is humming along very happily now since half of its brain is back. (If only we humans could do this to optimize our mental functions.)

Stay tuned to this journal! I plan to keep updating it as more classic Mercury retrograde problems surface -- or "Challenges to be overcome!" says Glinda the Hopelessly Optimistic Good Witch.

Update July 30,2011:

4) Remember I mentioned how technology tends to misbehave more during Mercury retrograde? Also, there can be more chaos overall during these times. Well, last night we went to see the new Harry Potter movie. Right as Harry starts the final, climactic scene - the one we've all been waiting seven movies for - and walks up to Lord "He Who Shall Not be Named" Voldemort for the big magical showdown - we hear a clap of thunder, which we thought happened within the movie, but it was happening in real life. And the power went out. The projector went out. We were all left sitting in a dark theater wondering WAS HARRY GOING TO FINALLY KICK VOLDEMORT'S SCRAWNY BUTT, OR NOT?????? 

About 40 minutes later, they were able to restart the projector and the movie picked up where it left off. And we watched the rest - and it rocked.

But still. Talk about a classic case of Mercury retrograde playing devilish tricks with you. Send a lightning strike at the theater right when people want to find out what happens to Harry.  Yikes.

5) Also -  during retrograde times people tend to get very distracted and are more prone to making errors and performing tasks wrong. Like, not cooking food properly or remembering to wash their hands when cooking food.

So - after we finished watching the movie, Mercury retrograde wasn't done with us. We went out to my favorite Indian food restaurant. I love Indian food. I don't order my Indian food very spicy, either, because I'm a bit of a wimp. And we visit this one Indian restaurant about once every six months because it's not really close to where we live but it is close to this movie theater we like, and they always have excellent and elegantly prepared food.

The food TASTED wonderful - as always.

But - put it this way. I have spent the entire day (except for the ten minutes I'm spending updating this website) in the bathroom.  After eating that food last night.

And it has NOT been pretty.

I will spare you photographs in this case, even though I do like photo-journalling here in this blog. These photos would NOT involve butterflies.

August 1, 2011:

6) Remember how I talked about the statistically higher incidents of technological problems which happen during retrograde? This includes things like phones and electricity, as well as Internet connections. We live in a rural area and the only time we have problems with any of these things is usually during Mercury retrograde times. But there's always some new and intriguing (read: annoying and difficult to solve) twist.

Today the long distance phone service is out for some reason at my honey's office next door, but local calls work fine. Meanwhile, in our actual house -- just across the yard -- long distance service is working fine. The irony is that 1) We don't use the phone much in the house and 2) My honey needs to use his long distance service next door every day for loads of business calls. He can always switch to using his cell phone, but switching back and forth is a pain.

August 2, 2011:

You know the saying, "Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas?"

I decided to withdraw my energy this week from a place that was "flea-infested."

7) Mercury retrograde is a great time to cut ties with negative people or withdraw your energy from toxic situations. Since 2006 I had been a periodic poster at an Internet marketing forum called  I went through times where I didn't post for months or years and then would sometimes come back and join in the chit chat again. Most of my posts were "teaching" type posts where I'd talk about how I make money as a syndicated columnist, how I earn nice income from affiliate marketing, and technical tips on running your own websites. Then I would do some fun "rant" posts once in a while to get some interesting discussions started.

In recent months I began posting again and to be honest, every time I was there I felt queasy. The energies there had just become really awful. And the ethics of the forum are horrid. The owner has a huge marketing area where people pay $40 to list products that they are selling at a special sales rate to forum members. It's a very popular area of the forum, and it's full of scam artists. You will find some good people sharing really great books, software, and tutorials there -- but you have to sift through a world of crap to find them. And even though the owner of the forum easily clears a minimum of $60,000 a month (conservative estimate) from the forum, he has never put in any quality controls or offered any assistance when people have been scammed by one of the people promoting a product there. You're not even allowed to complain about the scammer on the forum - such threads get deleted. 

Recently, the forum owner, Allen Says, has also teamed up with a guy named Mike Lantz who offers an optional platform people can use when they are selling their WSO or "Warrior Special Offer" products. It's called WarriorPro. But the way his stuff is presented it looks like the forum itself and WarriorPro are a joint effort - even though they are not. So when WarriorPro was massively hacked recently and people promoting their WSO's through WarriorPro were wondering why their sales weren't being credited or why things were all wrong, they very rightly posted at the forum asking what was going on. And the owner of WarriorPro didn't really respond to all the concerns, even though he charges $20 for people to list their product through his service and he is making lots of money from Warriors. It took a long time before concerns were addressed at all, and I don't even know if the problem has been solved now -- weeks later. Because discussions about the problem were locked at the Warriorforum and the owner of WarriorPlus didn't get in touch with users or affiliates tied to his service.

More relevant to me personally, I stupidly attempted to talk about some "real" stuff there in recent weeks - including some brief discussions about astrology and Mercury retrograde. (Yeah, I know - asking for a world of trouble, right?)  And I was taken aback by the insulting tone of some of the responders in that thread, especially since I tried to debunk the myths about astrology (It's not a religion; it's sophisticated pattern recognition and time-tested cycles analysis; and you can use it to make money trading in the financial markets, so no "belief" is required for it to "work.") And I made jokes about the gypsy scams and 1-900 hotlines and horoscopes in general -- an area I know a lot about since I'm a syndicated horoscope writer!  I learned over the years how daily horoscopes aren't written by the astrologers whose names are tied to the column; they're written by interns who usually know nothing about astrology.  People like me who write horoscopes and are real astrologers are very rare. So I wanted to point these distinctions out to people, but it was a waste of time. There's so much free floating hatred and nastiness out there on forums these days. That's why I don't do Facebook or Twitter or any of that social "gang stalking" garbage - people just poop all over each other.

But throughout that discussion I realized it's a "pearls before swine" situation and the people there are pretty nasty and mean. Especially most of the other women there, who for some reason always come at me with their bitchiness on full display. Why can't sister marketers support each other as they develop their own businesses? That's always been my attitude - sharing information and supporting my fellow ladies in the world of online marketing.

So -- why was I even a member there anymore?  Excellent question!

As of Sunday, I asked the moderators to completely delete my account (which also includes over 1000 of my past posts. My username there was Cosmokid.)  And I'm SOOOOO happy I withdrew my energy from there. I'm in the middle of so many product launches and website projects that I really need to avoid wasting energy at places where people just enjoy being nasty and engaging in fraud.  The nice people at the Warriorforum (and there are many) have privately expressed to me how awful they think the forum is these days, too, so I imagine it's only a matter of time until that negative energy completely takes over the place. I know personally that there is an FTC investigation pending about the forum owner willingly promoting fraudulent products in the WSO section, so I think the whole place is about to go down. 

But the whole experience I've had at the Warrior Forum, while much of it was positive, has made me realize I need to instigate a new 24 hour a day "Don't fuck with me" policy.  And if people are disrespectful, mean, or insulting, withdraw immediately from interacting with them. What a bunch of goblins!  It's great to get clarity about this stuff. I physically felt so much better right after I had my account deleted - which shows you how much energy I was losing by participating there.

If there is something or somebody in your life right now who is draining your spirit and your well-being -- it might be time to flush a few turds right down the toilet. You'll feel better after you do!

August 3, 2011:

Karma is a widely misunderstood phenomenon. Most people think that karma means that if they do bad things then bad things will be done to them. But it's really more about resonance -- i.e., do you resonate with low energy and nasty people and bad situations?  Or do you resonate with good ones? If you resonate with low energies, you'll always be having chaos in your life, bad people surrounding you, and bad "luck" - which is just the physical manifestation of what you're already holding onto from an energy perspective. But people can't always make the connections, don't always have pattern recognition skills. So they don't see how, for example, holding murderous hatred towards someone or toward a group of people might manifest in you having a car accident or losing lots of money or having someone betray you.  But those things are all connected. You're resonating with the idea of doing damage to others, and damaging experiences keep happening to you. You have to move into greater love, lightness, and compassion -- and move into situations that support those energies -- and then your life won't be filled with melodrama anymore.

The trick is to always be removing crap from your life while you also aim to surround yourself with loving people, positive situations, and worthwhile projects and endeavors. At the same time, you need to move away from energy-wasting, anger-inducing, chaotic energies.

Like everyone, I'm a work in progress with this stuff. (See my writing above about how I recently withdrew from a discussion forum. I realized how I was no longer in "resonance" with the energy of that forum so I realized I really needed to withdraw. Plus I could see that bad things were starting to happen there -- hacking, unrest, and more -- and I didn't want to get pulled into that black hole.)

8) But Mercury retrograde times are interesting because sometimes "instant karma" happens. Usually, it can take years - or lifetimes - to witness the results of the stuff you've been generating through your thoughts, actions, and emotions. But once in a while we go through instant karma periods, when "justice" can be administered in a fast and devastating way - and you'll want to be oriented on the positive side of this instead of the negative side of this if possible. (By having built up years and years of genuinely loving and helpful energy toward others - because then good things will start happening to you.)

I'm not one for collecting enemies or holding bad feelings about other people - but if I were to have one "archenemy" in this world, it's just one person. Someone who single-handedly, out of simple perverse cruelty and devastating, hidden jealousy, one day (when I was at my most vulnerable) decided to try to destroy me. She managed to turn hundreds of people against me who had formerly been huge supporters of me and my work by spreading lies, inserting her evil "interpretation" of my writing into their minds, and just generally using all of the negative energy she had access to in order to harm me.  (Within the same three day period she also did this to three other very sweet women, so something very weird was going on. Like the evil that ruled over her just decided to take a ball bat to a bunch of innocent little kittens. Very "possessed" person.)

The only reason why I was so vulnerable was because I had allowed her into my life and my heart and my work as a truly trusted friend, and so when she did all this stuff, it was very painful for me.  I was really naive about her. I didn't even realize that, after being "email" friends for years and giving her loads of original material for her to use in a book, she had never bothered to share her real name with me. Integrity? Not much there. Meanwhile, as a syndicated columnist and public figure from all my radio, magazine, and TV appearances, I put everything on the line by agreeing to be widely quoted in her book. And it turned out she was just like every other armchair researcher out there hiding behind her comfortable little anonymity on the Internet, leaving me to take all the hits as I stood up to share true, controversial, and very personal information in her book. (A book which still earns her money to this day.)

In the meantime, she's suffered zero consequences for her behavior, and in fact, the people she managed to turn against me adore her more than ever (and hate me.) It was like your worst fourth grade nightmare of petty bullshit when one mean girl turns on the nice girl and gets all the girls "in the middle" to join her mean girl club. Truly bizarre behavior for a 30something. (I think she's pushing 40 by now, still working as an office temp - while having publicly castigated me for being a business owner and marketer. How are those bad things again? )

Anyway, someone just hacked into her email and I received a spam email requesting money from her -- rather odd given our history -- so I went to her website and, sure enough, she is locked out of her email account and has no idea why -- losing some eight years of writing and research which she had done from that account.

Can we say -- instant karma? 

When you build a reputation as an "expert" and essentially a spiritual guide to others, and you have at your core the most rotten, hidden ghoul energy, that WILL catch up with you at some point. In this case, it's like the higher power of the universe briefly managed to break through and go, "You know what? We don't think you should be spreading crap into the world anymore because too many nice people have been hurt by you and they don't realize what you really are because they're too sweet and trusting. So we're going to just REMOVE that eight years of work you've done in the blink of an eye."

On the opposite side, I've been manifesting some truly miraculous interactions with new friends and new business allies and it's like we're all breathing a collective sigh of relief that at last, good people can find each other and not continually be overrun by ghoulish thugs and goblin people.

Me - I like instant karma!

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